Anglia 2017

This year our school visited Barnstaple, England again. Everyone had been preparing for month. I’d got a super big bag: it was hard to pack everything that might come in handy, but I did it. The day of travel finally came. The bus left, we waved to our families and the journey began. It was a long road but I think all of us handled it pretty well. Our first big stop was in Luxembourg which is a great and fancy city. Then, we stayed in France next night and in the morning we arrived in England by ferry. I ate traditional English breakfast on the ferry which was very delicious. We arrived in Barnstaple in the evening. Our host family picked us up and took us to their house.  They were two kind elderly people with two dogs. The lady cooked really well - surprisingly well. (Everyone said that I wouldn’t like the food. But I did.) We were chatting a lot with our host family while we were waiting for the tea to be ready. We found a lot of common topics from pig slaughter to Hungarian nicknames.


The weather was beautiful throughout our trip, it rarely rained. We visited a lot of awesome and unique places, such as Clovelly, Ilfracombe and Wollacombe, Lynton &Lynmouth and Torquay. My favourite town was Lynmouth because of the cliff railway that is operated by water. Honestly, I loved Clovelly as well, because it was wonderful.  The cute, steep, cobbled street where people can only transport their possessions with the help of donkeys and sledges is fantastic. My least favourite city was Torquay because we couldn’t do many things there. The teachers at the school which we attended were helpful and we did a lot of enjoyable tasks.

 I really enjoyed my first visit to England and I recommend it to anybody who wants to discover the British culture.


Simon Dániel 9/3